Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Sweetest Things- a post from Zach Simons

I came to Antiochian Village last year as the new Director of Marketing and Sales, not knowing a whole lot about the strengths of the organization. I had heard lots about the hospitality and the views, but what i heard most from people who have frequented our halls is "the food is amazing."

It was weeks before I had the opportunity to try the food, and it didn't disappoint. I'll be writing more about Chef Tim and his unbelievable culinary creations in the future, but for now I want to mention what unexpectedly blew me away that night: Darci's Desserts.

Already full on some of the best hor d' Oeuvres and a meal fit for a king, I was instructed to go over to the dessert table and try a few things. Darci (our pastry chef) was standing there describing her creations to our guests as they smacked their lips in anticipation of their final course.

A Red Velvet Cake, a Peanut Butter Meltaway Cake and a light green item of gorgeous design that she called "Mint Chocolate Cheesecake." Not having much of a sweet tooth, i typically will forgo dessert, but I took a slice of this creation of Darci's and it felt like my life changed. Creamy and smooth, with just the right tones of mint and accented by crisp full-flavored chocolate shavings I knew I had a new favorite.  It was the perfect way to end a wonderful meal.


Zach Simons is Director of Marketing and Sales for Antiochian Village. He can be reached at 724.238.3677 or at his Pittsburgh office at 412.259.3768.

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